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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news if they nominated hosts i would not get the job. >> brutal honesty. we are not sure if he got the approval for the opening monologue but it will be one of the most remembered opening ever at oscars. we have what everyone is talking about to morning. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui.
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>> after 5:00 a.m. and we get to the weather and traffic. we can see the shot, it is foggy. >> it is. the thickest is in petaluma at quarter-mile visibility and right here, sunny slope avenue. >> the one area that is not foggy, inland east bay valley right now, looking south on 680 walnut creek crystal clear. 42 to 54. hazy sunshine at noon, 66 to 70. warm. near record warmth of the comfort am evening at 2358 to 64. frances? >> a new crash reported in hayward southbound 880 and the driver is stand on the right hand side not very smart because not too far from the shot of san mateo bridge where it is foggy. there is fog advisory for bay area bridges and, also, an early boulder that caused slowing westbound 80 at gilman, from
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antic to america lease on westbound 4, there is an accident along the way and this is 27 minutes and so far westbound 80 is looking good, highway 4 to the maze is 18 minutes. reggie and natasha zouves? >> hollywood watchers are not the only ones waking up excited, dub nation has reason so celebrate back home after an exciting win on saturday night. amy hollyfield has more on steph curry's new high. he broke his own record? >> he did. now there is a t-shirt for that. you can get it at the sporting goodd store, most consecutive three-point shots in a season. the stores are hoping to set some records selling warriors gear and hoping to ride this wave of success. here is video of steph curry setting that record. it was saturday night. most three point shots in a soap saturday in oklahoma city. they won the game. he withouted -- wowed the world
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with a 38 foot shot to win the game. they are now in a playoff. it is february. now they are home after being on the road the month with a game at oracle arena tomorrow. the team is warning fans to watch out for fake playoff tickets. you need to be careful when buying from a non-verified third-party vendor. tickets are on sale for possible home games. go through the whole market they recommended on purchase. >> the last award was an upset at the oscars but the spotlight of the biggest night was, really, on diversity. matt has the details from hollywood. >> this oscar had a little bit of everything: controversy, girl scout cookies and memorable moments from the biggest stars. >> chris rock went right at the diversity issue in hollywood.
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>> hollywood is...sorority racist. like we lick you, rhonda but you are not a kappa. >> he started causing the oscars the white people's choice awards, and talked about stars boycotting the sermon because -- ceremony because of the lack of diversity. it is not about boycotting, we want opportunity. >> when they were happened out oscar producers wanted heartfelt speeches from the winners and fewer thank yous. sam smith won best original song and dedicated the award to the lgbt community. >> i stand hear tonight and hope we can continue together as equals one day. >> the oscar for best supporting actress was from "danish girl," and sylvester stallone was knocked out for "bridge of spies," pixar when "best
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animation feature," on "inside out." we are very proud thank you for having us. >> best actress was to bring already son and three -- leonardo decaprio captured the first for "revenant." >> without my parents, it is nut possible without you and my friends i love you dearly. >> the first director in 65 years won back-to-back oscars but his film did not win best picture, that went to "spotlight ." the most awarded most of the night was "mad max," and it took home six oscars. in hollywood for abc7. >> you did a great job for us and may have soon facebook and at 5:30 he will join us from the red carpet with the aftermath. >> lack of diversity at the oscars sparked a protest before
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the award ceremony and a crowd made up primarily of people of color paraded near the dolby theatre chanting "this is what first difficult looks like." 20 actors nominated for academy awards were white. protesters pointed out that many well received filmed that had black actors were not nominated. a website is all oscar geld right now so head to for details on the vices and standout moments behind the scenes and the big fashion winners. >> two former san francisco city officials are scheduled for arraignment on corruption charges the throw defendants appeared in court in january, former human rights commissioner and former commissioner staffer, and former school board president keith jackson, all charged with soliciting bribes for political favors to help the mayor's 2011 re-election campaign. jackson pleaded guilty to
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federal racketeering charges. >> defiant campers are under the central freeway in san francisco. the city cited health concerns and they ordered everyone open division and 13th to move out by friday. half moved out. outreach will offer resources as they try to persuade the remaining campers to leave. >> we are less than 24 hours away from the biggest day of competition in american democracy and that is super news. voters in 12 states will go to the polls and caucus and the results are likely to make the race for president clearer. >> they don't call it super tuesday for nothing, on this one day, the fate of both pairs could be decided and how we got here has been anything but typical. the g.m. frontrunner, donald trump, taking insults from all sides. >> high doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged from the
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spray tan that he uses. >> if we nominate donald trump hillary clinton will win and we will lose the country. >> he racked up support from the loudest names in politics and endorsement from financial governor chris christie, and a first senate endorsement from alabama's jeff sessions. trump is leading in must states and now has more big wednesday on super tuesday. he spend the weekend answering questions about an endorsement he may not want from former grand wizard of the kkk. >> i don't know david duke; i don't believe i have met him, i am pretty sure and i don't know anything about hill. >> on the d side, hillary clinton has more diagnosis -- more delegates than bernie sanders after the, second provide marry and bernie sanders knows it telling george stephanopolis. >> we got decimated, george, we got decimated. >> next they, georgia, and virginia, he has the biggest opportunity for hillary clinton to dominate and to test bernie
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sanders early strength with hispanics. no candidate to wrap it up on super tuesday but it could be the under for some. the front runners will split themselves from the closest competitors. from alexandria, virginia. >> we have fog and temperatures are mild. check owe another bay shore where san leandro is 57 and a couple of 40s, castro valley is 47 and orinda is 49 and inelse is 50 to 53 and same on the other side of the bay, from san francisco at 54 to san jose at 54 and inland is cooler at pleasanton and livermore at 45 and novato and napa at 46 and pacifica is 52. this is how it looks, the fog taking over the east bay shoreline from our east bay hills camera and ranch out for high tree pollen, and fine particulatesvoí be moderate. our toll camera is only a hundred feet from the bay bridge
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and this is usually the picture you see. this is why it and not behind. even a couple of hundred feet you cannot see the bay bridge. that is how thick and dangerous the fog is this morning. temperature in the upper 60s at the cost and mid-70s for the rest of us today and cooler tomorrow with a cold front side sweeping the north bay with light rain and a break on wednesday and better chance on wednesday. frances? >> yes, 880, so if you take southbound 880 through fremont or into milpitas c.h.p. got a call of a car that spun out-of-control and flipped on the left lane or left side. they are headed to the scenes southbound 880 near mission boulevard or near the 237 connection ramp. i will let you know more when they arrive. you can see how difficult the ride is, northbound with headlights in san jose near the 17 interchange, 101? san rafael and very foggy but
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not too much slow as you make your way southbound. if you want to avoid that, bart, mass transit is the we to go with in delays reported on ace train or on caltrain. >> lawyers for bill cosby are back in court this morning and why they want a particular assault case g.p.s. the come mood -- comedian thrown out. >> the sobbing appeal for mercy >> the sobbing appeal for mercy an machine student makes t i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc news. >> lawyers for bill cosby are in los angeles court to consider whether to dismiss a lawsuit against the comedian after he denied claims that he drugged and rapes a model in 1982 after giving different accounts over the years. dozens of women have accused cosby of sexual abuse. . [ inaudible ] >> you can hear the remain motion at a news conference in north korea. he is a university of virginia student. he has been detained since john -- january after he tried to
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allegedly steal a political banner. he is said to being manipulateed into a crime. >> more story for the cruise ship that was battered by a major storm this in. now they have turned around mid-trip. royal caribbean said the ship would return to the whom port in new jersey to "avoid a severe storm and provide guests with a comfortable journey hope." people say the captain also made an announcement of the neuro virus and not clear how many are affected by the illness. >> and now i am sure many co-woulder will talk fashion this morning. >> who got it right and who got it wrong. can you see the most buzz we are they dresses. my topic? the william we pulled up leader, cate blanchett. i go with the controversial choices this morning, i love the stacey dash moment and this one
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from cate blanchett. >> so beautiful. so grown up compared to be we saw her the first time so man areas ago. >> okay...lady suit thing going open. this was done by her designer she has worked with, and you have access to every designer in the world and you still go with your friend, that is a good friend. i love her. >> i would kiss her hand because it was great. >> that is a major fail. i don't remember who said this, this lady, don't like the diamond cut out. >> someone said she look like a ghost. >> this you go. >> a ghost that haunts my dreams >> in a good way. >> i am sure she is wonderful and probably a great actress. >> the oscar fashion is your favorite part. >> absolutely that is why i
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chimed in so much. >> a lot to say. >> my wife still dresses me, come on. >> we for get the ballots we filled out the we will talk about that. we help invited you to fill out ballots along with us, and mike and sue we filled it out. would won? >> here is the winner ... drum roll, mike nicco. mike! >> the person who has the least invested in this show wins. >> we just picked him because of the photo, best winning reel. >> a congratulations. all the winner >> it was great. worth it. worth every moment. this is the final tally can't believe i got second i thought i was a major fail, natasha is fulling in the rear. congratulations. >> i read people well. >> u do. >> "mad max," for everything is
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that your strategy? >> i picked extra monday -- i picked stallone, and i picked brie larson because my aunts works with her just a crap shoot. i take it. mine. you kept have it. >> here is a look at tournament time and well see if you are better than i am at this because that with be in my area. >> quarter-mile visibility in hayward with 580 and 280 and 880 all conducting right there and this is how thick the fog is side of the exploritorium further away from the embarcadero and you cannot see the embarcadero or downtown and why the other service has
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not put out a distance advisory because we are quarter-mile or less. sunny p.m. commute, a if month begins tomorrow and so do the charges of rain we have been talking about on sole media, and we still have a couple of months left, and most likely we will get a nice soaking on sunday and monday and tuesday so fingers crossed. 72 to 76 is our democrat inland rate around 70 along the coast. tonight, we are going to bottom out in the mid-40s inland to mid-50 around richmond and san francisco and our storm impact scale the storm coming in on wednesday through thursday morning up to .25" across the not bay and less than .1" for the rest us and because it is. coming in during the overnight hours that means the thursday morning could be slick in some spots because it has been so
5:20 am
dry. at 10:00, coming in during the evening, light rain with the green there and by 1:00 it is starting to move in to the heart of bay and it will fall apart in the south bay and should be over by the time we head out at 4:30 in morning. it could leave residual moisture. my seven-day forecast shows get ready for fear record warmth today, pretty warm tomorrow and wednesday and temperatures are back in the low-to-mid 60s with the first chance of rain on thursday and look at the storm coming in on sunday, a "2" moderate on the storm impact scale. >> good morning, everyone, the fog is a problem this morning and a shot of the bay bridge toll plaza you can see there is a slight backup we have a developing hotspot if fremont, southbound, 880 beyond mission boulevard an overturned accident is blocking the two last enhas and i will check owe the drive times in my next report and head over to the golden gate bridge where you will find a very foggy ride with fog advisory issued for the bridges including the
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san mateo bridge, dumbarton and the cartinez bridge. where there is not fog is on 680 in walnut creek, where it is looking good southbound on the right-hand side and that is southbound 680 holding to highway 24 so far no major problems but we will also update you on early crash reported on westbound 4 near the skyway. >> more people than ever were on the golden gate ferry and soon it will be more busy with 2.5 million people took a trip on the it is ferry in 2015. according to the marin i.j. the ridership will grow because the ferry will take over the tick republican san francisco line from the blue and gold fleet in january and more riders are expected to take the ferry to the new warriors arena. >> is everyone already attached? there is an app that proves that is not true. >> all the single guys everywhere.
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>> tonight at look, "7 on your side" shows you two people who never knew they even crossed paths until they looked on their fans. >> chris rock got from reviews as the host of the oscars but proving he is a father first, taking time out to scat stars to help his daughters buying girl scout cookies and he revealed they raised $65,000 for the troop. he thanked an actor and record rower suge knight for buy the most khakis -- cookies. >> girl scouts, thanks for making the oscars the sweetest yet. >> a nice moment. >> the seven things you need to know to start the day and the warning on look alike drugs. >> ben affleck brings an old >> ben affleck brings an old friend for again!
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>> these are the seven things you need to know before you head out the door. mike? >> first is the fog less than quarter-mile at petaluma. and half moon bay. and many areas around the bay. and quarter-mile in my second story. tomorrow, when we get to american, the pattern will change look at chants of rain, more on that coming up. >> c.h.p., number two, c.h.p. arrives at the scene of the overturned accident if fremont, a sig-alert is issued southbound 880 near mission boulevard and a shot cross the san mateo bridge, foggy conditions an the bay area. >> three, brilliant and legendary are used to describe oscar host chris rock's opening monologue. he did not waste any time taking the oscars' controversy head on. >> leonardo decaprio soaking up the spotlight after winning the first oscar for best actor. the win is the most getted
5:26 am
moment of an oscar telecast ever even more than the famous ellen selfie. >> to politics, voters in telephone states are gearing up to cast ballots tomorrow on super tuesday. donald trump and hillary clinton have big leads in most contested states. >> the worse practice at home in oakland after grueling six-game road trip and fans it will talking about the thrilling overtime victory on saturday night. the warriors play the hawks tomorrow night at oracle arena the >> leap day bonus day in celebration of leap year with 29% off select hotels and virgin america is offering deals to some, and pizza hot has a free one topping pizza. >> if you republican to bed after the oscars and missed kill chemical you missed a -- and missed jimmy kimmel you missed a funny moment. >> in of offense i don't mean to
5:27 am
put you in an uncomfortable position but you have beened up. >> thanks, didn't then it would be a body shaming tonight. >> what is go on here? >> you got a monkey under there? what is happening? what is go on? >> it is of positiving -- positively moving. >> wait, wait, wait, why are you trouping me? >> i a not turning you. >> he looks like he was out of breath. >> matt damon had a feud with the host is getting extra close to jimmy kimmel's ex-girlfriend arrived in a clever disguise and matt damon got booted off show the >> of there it. love it. love it. >> a full 90 minutes of news including the oscar winner would created controversy when he made a mistake during the acceptance speech. >> the commute could be more expensive today how much extra expensive today how much extra money you will need to
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, it is 5:30. i am reggie aqui. >> i am reggie aqui. the morning after the oscars. we have the moments you will talk about today. first, we will get you there. it is foggy. mike? >> it is and san carlos is foggy. on live doppler hd from parkway drive to shoreline boulevard you can see how thick it is. this is off the san mateo bridge, you are going to descend into the fog. ryville, we are still dealing with thick fog. sunrise pay not be anywhere but enran -- inland east bay. hanging in the mid-60s to 70
5:31 am
with hazy sunshine by noon. record highs are possible today. that is coming up. a mild evening still in the 60s if many areas. frances is following the accidents. all the worst is in fremont. southbound 880. beyond mission boulevard. c.h.p. has arrived. a sig-alert is issued. an overturn crash in the left lane. look how traffic is crawling approaching the scene, it will miles per hour. keep that in mind. we will check the drive times next. you will find all of the foggy conditions across the san mateo bridge along the peninsula and palo alto and 101. there is also possible injury accident in hayward southbound 880 near "a" street that could be blocking the right lane and a new crash reported with injuries westbound 580 if livermore and we will check out the slowing starting to develop right now in my next report. guys? >> of course it is the morning after the biggest night if
5:32 am
hollywood and social media is buzzing of the performance and big win and funny moments and the misses. mt. keller is highlights. matt? >> really out the red carpet. you have to roll up the red carpet. the party is over. what a memorable night. we had controversy. we had big stars. we had memorable speeches. >> "bridge of spies." >> best supporting actor was full of heavy hitters. >> if you wondered about actioning with tom hanks, would it help? the answer is clearly yes. >> and best supporting actress --. >> thank you so much. >> "mad max," swept several awards. >> if they until knitted hosts i would not get the job. >> chris rock did not pull
5:33 am
punches addressing the diversity controversy. >> i am the danish girl. >> placing black actors in a parody of nominateed films. >> calling hollywood racist. >> hollywood is sorority racist. we like you, rhonda but you are not a kappa. >> best actress was to brie larson. >> i want to start big because what i love about movie making is how many people it takes to make it. >> after five ating nominations it was the year for leonardo decaprio winning best actor. >> i thank you all. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you. >> the biggest award..."spotlight o ."
5:34 am
and best picture. >> hollywood boulevard is closed after the decorations are taken down but the celebrities were partying and they had the governor's ball where 1,500 guests were and they had a through bought trillions -- bottles of wine. >> we loved watch the facebook live yesterday and we want to know what red carpet moment surprised you the most. >> it was where to see aaron rodgers on the red carpet. he is not a celebrity you would expect but with his girlfriend so it was nice to see him where he was playing college and high school and we knew each other there so it was cool. and always great to see the celebrities we saw best supporting actress winner from last year and best support act actor, for from performance in
5:35 am
"whiplash." >> need expense. you look great, matt. >> the biggest winner is northern california woman. check it out >> the oscar goes to...brie larson. >> she won best actress in leading role and born in sacramento and became the young of the people accepted and young conservative right here in san francisco. and another struck it big with "spot lit," which captured two oscars including "best picture." and pixar produced "inside out," the best animation, pixar and abc7 own by disney. >> you probably watched the oscar with your continue out and instagram and facebook while you were tweeting. we have the most searched 2016 oscar moments. >> had were a lot. a lot to tweet.
5:36 am
these were the tomorrow five, "mad max," and "revenant," a favorite to win but "spotlight," took home the big award. and funny and touching and awkward moments such chris rock where he did not wait time addressing the elephant in the room, the lack of diversity and sam smith did inaccurate statement in the acceptance speech. >> he said no openly gay man ever won an oscar, if this is the case, even if not, i wented to dedicate this to the lgbt community around the world. >> he quickly found out that wasn't the case, an openly gay scene writer blasted him linking a video of when he won for "milk ," and told smith to stop
5:37 am
texting his fiance out. many pointed out sir elton "lion king," and screenwriter from "american beauty," and oscar fashion was searched, including the top searched of a pleated gown that got good and bad attention from the critics. >> i we not expect this to be the dress. we are all oscar gold on the web site at you will find detail on the surprises. the stand out moments. fashion hits. fashion misses. >> man is charged with killing his girlfriend a san jose woman. he will be in court today. on friday, he was formally charged in the murder of 22-year-old tracy aguilar. he shot aguilar in the car on valentine's day. they went to a house party. the court documents say a friend of the suspect helped him roll
5:38 am
her body down a hill. he was in jail on immigration hold. he reportedly is an undocumented immigrant. he may enter a plea today in court. >> a proposal hearing is scheduled for these three men, santa clara county jail guard charged in the batting death of a mentally ill inmate, the district attorney will present evidence the three suspects to convince the judge it should go to trial. 31-year-old michael tyree died from blunt force, and internal pleading in august. three deputies are tree on bail. they are on paid leave. >> it is foggy this morning. maybe a if day to take public transportation. if you take caltrain, well, the commute got more expensive. our reporter is in san jose. janet? >> if you take caltrain this morning, be prepared. dig deeper in the pockets for the exchange. 50 more cents to be exact.
5:39 am
the fare hike is 50 cents more a trip affect yesterday whether through one or more zones. from san jose to san francisco, for example, it will confident you $9.75. rather than $9.25. caltrain said there is a boom in ridership but they rely on fares to pay for rail operation and maintenance, a few of the ans that does not have a guarantee sores of revenue. riders say the fare hike is steep. >> it will be to the point where no one can afford to ride it or it will be cheaper to take the bus or get a car and pay the insurance and gas. >> the day pass and monthly passes are higher but if you have a chipper card you get again% discount. >> now the weather. we will talk fog.
5:40 am
in oakland quarter-mile visibility downtown where 580 and 24 to 13, all coming together in the scene area. be careful with the low visibility. a lot of you are flying through there try to get somewhere if a hurry. 43 in woodside and 48 in menlo park and everyone else in the low-to-mid 50s and the east bay shore into the south bay inland east bay and north bay we have the mid-to-upper 40s along with half moon bay at 45. walking the dog it will be nice and warm this afternoon, calmer waves if you head to the beach to enjoy a last warm days. pollen could be a problem. from sutro tower you can see the lights of the city uplighting the fog a little by and low-to-upper 70s and a few 60s and low-to-mid 70s on tuesday and wednesday. we have a chance of rain on tuesday and better chance on thursday and more on sunday. frances?
5:41 am
you had so many accidents this morning... >> mike, here is why: you can see the visibility is limited 101 in san rafael. you can barely see the tail lights southbound. you will find volume conditions in san jose at 280 and 17 interchange. headlights are on northbound 280 a slow ride on southbound 880 with the sig-alert in fremont. the drive from 92 to mission boulevard with overturned accident in the left lane now is at 26 minutes. a slow ride with traffic back up for a couple of miles. avoid that and take mass transit and reporting no delays. and caltrain is more expensive. >> i have my hand on it and i said we make it through this. >> comforting words during the moment of terror. a bay area lifeguard talks only to abc7 about how three risked his life to save a young girl and her mother.
5:42 am
>> what do you do after you win an oscar? an oscar? you go to the after
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yeah part of the complete breakfast >> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> you could think this rescue off the cost deserves an oscar. a young girl and her mother in
5:45 am
danger of drowning and a lifeguard saves both of them and is called a hero this morning. this happen on friday on goat rock beach, the family is moments before the problem. they were knock down by a wave. the lifeguards aaron saved them. >> the littlest one will have the hard time. >> i got to her she was scare asked in fetal position and i got my happened on her and i said, we are going to make it. >> they did. because of aaron. he put the gill on a rescue helicopter and went back for mom. air ron, the lifeguard, was hospitalized for hypothermia but he is okay now and back at the beach. >> lack of diversity was the
5:46 am
talk last night with black actors belting out songs during the sometimeing of the colored museum and #oscarsowhite hope remains strong. >> only thing that holds us is opportunity. the more opportunities available to us the more we will be recognized. >> another person we spoke with pointed out that a lack of diversity is not an issue in other award shows. like the emmys. or grammys. >> in san francisco, the design center had more diversity on display. the academy of friends is the biggest oscar parties outside of hollywood. it was a benefit for h.i.v. services. food was prepared by the guest chefs. everyone applauded chris rock
5:47 am
for hitting on hollywood. >> there is a good chance big winners from last knit -- last night are partying away. the biggest party is the vanity fair party with j.j. abrahams and antonio banderos leonardo decaprio appeared along with caitlyn jenner. we spotted best supporter actress, alicia vikander and best director, as well, and director of "spot hoyt." also showing up, the pan of night, best actor, leonardo decaprio getting the award. he got it engraved. and vice president biden was spotted chatting with spielberg. >> a change this year? the acceptance speeches. they flyer ticker on the bottom of the scene with names of people the winners witnessed to -- wanted to thank.
5:48 am
what did you think of that ticker? did it improve the oscar speech es? head to our twitter page and let us know. the nos are winning. most of people we have received responds to are not big fans. >> interesting. >> i like it because i live the back story. >> they can thank everyone but you want to know, why did they do what they did? what inspied them? >> most enlisted the bore names anyway. >> that made me mad. i said you are already listed below tell us the back story. >> the pack step to the weather? dry february. fog on the 29th and this is usual, leap day. we have unusual weather. quarter-mile at napa at 12 and 29 by the airport. so much with out.
5:49 am
keep watching inland east bay the only area without fog looking south on 680 at walnut creek. hazy sunshine this afternoon, the fog will lift by lunch hour and near record highs light rain across the north bay tomorrow and the rest of us get a chance on thursday morning and the stormy pattern we talked about march being different than february, sunday and monday and tuesday. gilroy is 79, santa cruz is 77, record highs in the south bay and a degree shy with the 76 in san jose, and 76 in mountain view, redwood city at 75 and record highs, record tying 72 in downtown san francisco and san rafael is 72 a record high, and the east bay shore, richmond is 73 a record high and oakland is 75 along where hayward at 7 a and record highs and inland east bay, 75 in livermore, 74 in concord county record highs. our abc7 storm impact scale, "1" our abc7 storm impact scale, "1" is light and "5" is severe
5:50 am
the storm door opened. that is a "2". we could have a "2" on monday and again on tuesday, also, nouned with what could happen next week. until that time enjoy the warmth. >> bay bridge metering lights are on and traffic is backing up beyond the 880 overcrossing and we have been following a couple of hotspots. southbound 880 in fremont, beyond mission boulevard the overturned accident is still blocking the last lane. it was blocked two lanes and now traffic is backed up several miles. this backup will cost you 20 minutes. southbound 880, slow through hayward with a crash near "a" street and as you make director way westbound 580 through the altamont pass another accident is reported near first street so the drive time from tracy to dublin is a slow 48 minutes. reggie and natasha? >> new at 6:00 the irs issued an ominous warning about a breach
5:51 am
that exposed hundreds of thousands of americans to hackers. >> ready, sat, camp. if you are helping to sleep under the stars make sure you are an early bird. >> leading the 49ers to favor >> leading the 49ers to favor super bowl wins and aha! oof!
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>> have your smartphone and listen top ready to plan your camping trip this summer pause that is when the state parks and national forest campgrounds in california are available for reservation. popular area could go in ten minutes. saturday night and labor day weekend are usually the most popular. the forest service will take
5:54 am
reservations at 7:00 a.m. and state parks at 8:00 a.m. and yosemite reservations start in mid-march. >> social media is buzzing about the comments the stars tweeted during oscars. oprah tweeted saying thumb's up now you can breeze and earlier a company confused oprah with whoopi. >> that is not possible. >> previous oscar hosts ellen said that was incredible. >> carrie washington from "scandal," was floored by the courage and beauty and realness shown by the sexual assault survivor on the stage with lady gaga. >> what was the best moment? i pulled up a poll and right new leonardo decaprio finally winning an oscar gets most votes. and lady gaga, number two. and public three, the opening monologue of chris rock. some of you year of cheered on
5:55 am
"star wars" although it came up empty handed. can you vote on one of these by going to our facebook page. >> leo was the big story and the big weather story this morning is fog. >> san jose and 280 at 17, improving but very foggy across the south bay. low-to-mid 70s through the central valley to los angeles and san diego and 91 in farm springs and 68 in machine try and 55 in lake, two degrees high of a record. warmer-than-average through thursday. rain, light on friday, heavier on saturday, and the snow on sunday and monday and tuesday. frances? >> we will focus on 80. that is turning into a mess this morning. southbound 880 at fremont, sig-alert is issued beyond mission boulevard but in the
5:56 am
backup another crash reported. the stretch is slow. southbound 880 slow through hayward because of the early crash. westbound 580 is sluggish from the altamont pass, but check out the drive time, southbound 880 from 92 to mission boulevard, if there was no traffic it would be 15 minutes but with the accident it is 40 minutes. >> major league baseball and players union reminding big leaguers that smokeless tobacco have been at three stadiums including at&t park. letters are placed in lockers at spring training and local ordinances prohibit smokeless tobacco. similar legislation is considered in new york city. both the mets and the yankees support a possible ban. >> 49ers honor former honor owner and five time super bowl winner with the gallery unveiled today at levi stadium with the first look at it today when museum re-opened to the public
5:57 am
this morning. the nfl announced this month that he will be inducted into the pro football hall of fame in ohio in august. >> our coverage of the oscars conditions. matt keller has the way chris rock handled the diversity controversy and how the message is being received. >> the best deal on a plane ticket for your next vacation. >> submit your questions to mobile by recording they will on mobile by recording they will on smartphone or
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> i'm here. at the academy awards. otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> chris rock came out swinging last night. he took direct aim at the academy highlighting diversity controversy throughout the
6:00 am
night. a lot of us are still talking about it. >> hope you are having a good morning. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> mike, you are tracking the foggy conditions for us this morning. >> quarter-mile or less in many areas and one those right new is petaluma, oakland, and hayward at quarter-mile and three-quarters in mountain view and less than quarter-mile at half moon bay and three-quarters at sfo so, on this business monday arrival delays are likely and i let you know. looking above you can see the lights flickering in the fog as we look down from the east bay hills calculate a at 42 to 54 and 66 to 70 hazy sunshine by noon and the fog is done by then at 68 to 74 at 4:00, and at 7:00, mile at 58 to 64. that is the day planner. ran says? still have a lot of accidents? >> yes and the fog is slowing drivers down and a soft san mateo bridge with visibili


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